Smoke Alarms Logan

Smoke Alarms Logan

Smoke Alarm Installation and Maintenance Services in Logan

Installing a smoke alarm is among the essential safety measures you can take as a Logan home or business owner. Besides being a wise idea, it is also required by law. The Queensland smoke alarm legislation requires all households to have a functional smoke alarm on all levels of a house. This is because most fires occur unexpectedly and result in many injuries and deaths. The smouldering smoke is the silent killer and can render you unconscious if a fire occurs when you are asleep.

So, where can you get a reliable smoke alarm? Worry no more. Frog Electrical & Air Conditioning offers quality smoke alarm installation services. We are committed to customer satisfaction, which means we will install a quality product to keep your property and family safe. Our team has been in the industry since 2009 and has installed many smoke alarms in Logan, Brisbane, and Redlands Bay. So, you can trust us to deliver exceptional services.

Why Do You Need a New Smoke Alarm in Logan?

Do you have a smoke alarm that was manufactured more than ten years ago? If so, you need to replace it with a photoelectric smoke alarm that complies with the new smoke alarm legislation introduced in January, 2017. Photoelectric smoke alarms give an earlier warning, unlike ionisation smoke alarms.

Fire has two stages; the smouldering and flame stages. A photoelectric alarm will sense the smoke and alert you up to 30 minutes beforehand. An ionisation alarm will alert you only up to two minutes beforehand, which may be too late to save life or property. Please call our team to check whether you comply with the new smoke alarm legislation.

Smoke Alarms Logan
Smoke Alarms Logan

Our Smoke Alarm Services in Logan

If you are a landlord or a renter, you must test and clean each smoke alarm in your domestic dwelling within 30 days before the tenancy begins. The landlord must also test the smoke alarms at least once every 12 months. The landlord should also ensure that every smoke alarm is cleaned per the manufacturer’s instructions. Fortunately, you do not need to be qualified to clean or test a smoke alarm.

The law requires that you install smoke alarms on each floor, in bedrooms, hallways, and between bedrooms and other parts of the storey if there are no hallways. If you do not have a bedroom or second storey, install the smoke alarm in the most likely path of travel to the exit. The building approval process requires all new homes and renovations to have smoke alarms installed. Frog Electrical & Air Conditioning can help you install smoke alarms in these areas.

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