Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Frog Electrical & Air Conditioning supplies air conditioners and also offers an installation service by one of our professional expert technicians.

Split System air conditioners are made up of an indoor unit, which houses the condenser and evaporator and an outdoor unit, which houses the compressor. The two components are connected by piping to move the refrigerant needed to heat or cool the air.

A standard 'Back to Back' Installation is usually the most cost effective method of installation and our prices listed on this site.

But, in certain situations, like uneven ground, limited walking space or garden beds, require the outside unit to be mounted on a wall mount bracket. Other installation variants is when the outside unit and inside units are further away from each other, or the drainage has to be directed through the roof cavity.

We can provide an obligation free quote based on your specific installation requirements, as no installation is the same.

Back to Back Split System Installation

  • Indoor unit installed indoors on an external wall with piping and cabling from behind the  unit.
  • Outdoor unit installed on the ground on a polyslab or rubber mat.
  • Refrigeration Piping and Interconnecting Cabling - Up to 3 meters.
  • Duct Cover - up to 2m
  • Electrical supply run - Up to 15 meters. 
    (2.5kW-3.5kW connected to existing power circuit)
    (4.0kW-9.4kW connected to new circuit on safety switch).
  • Weatherproof Isolator switch at outdoor unit.

*Prices based on a low set home, back to back installation (outdoor unit on base, on ground) with accessible roof space. Polyslab base included.Non-standard installation pricing will be based on your individual installation requirements. 


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