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We can clean Split Systems and Ducted Systems.

Frog Electrical and Air Conditioning provide a prompt and professional air conditioner cleaning service which should be performed annually to restore the performance on split air conditioning units.

Most consumers are unaware of the build-up of hidden mould, bacteria, fungi, and dust in your aircon units and need to regularly clean the units for health reasons. High levels of mould and bacteria can cause allergies, hay fever and respiratory problems. It also reduces the efficiency of your air conditioning unit which consumes more energy and reduces the life of your unit. Frog Electrical uses environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaning products.

Servicing the aircon units will ensure quality sanitised air circulating in your house, protecting your family’s health, and saving you money on energy bills and reducing trips to the doctor.

Here’s some of the things we include in our air conditioner cleaning service.

  • Condenser and evaporator coils cleaned
  • Drains flushed
  • Make sure your air con has the correct refrigerant charge and seals are intact
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Clean ductwork and filters
  • Inspect and test your unit
  • We’ll even do a remote operation battery check

It’s important that you call a licensed tradesperson rather than attempt a DIY clean and service, otherwise you could not only damage your system, you will void your warranty.

As a trained and licensed electrician, we understand how installations work and how the electrics should work.

Call Us to arrange your annual aircon cleaning

We all know when summer is on the way, longer daylight hours, and warmer temperatures. That’s the perfect reminder to call us for our professional air conditioner cleaning service.

If you don’t use your air conditioner during the colder months, it’s possible that the outdoor unit has collected dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris that can affect its performance. The small amount you pay now can save you on higher bills due to inefficiency and an uncomfortable summer!


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